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Sustainable Industrial Assembly Equipment with Atlas Copco

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Atlas Copco’s Industrial Assembly Solutions division is a leading provider of joining and dispensing solutions for various vehicle painting and e-mobility applications. To address the growing importance of value-chain wide sustainability, we are looking for solutions to help our customers achieve their sustainability targets related to material savings, car weight reduction and material and process efficiency.

Opportunity overview

Industrial Assembly Solutions serves vehicle production and electric vehicle battery producers with a wide variety of solutions like adhesive dispensing, sealing, dampening and filling injection, flow drill fastening, self-pierce riveting, and various solution bundles with integrated vision systems for measurement, control and inspection. To strengthen our position as a leading sustainability innovator, we are looking for solutions that could help our customers achieve their sustainability targets.

We are open for various solutions ranging from disruptively rethinking the value-chain wide sustainability of our equipment to more incremental sustainability innovations. Concretely, we are looking for replacing our drives, cabinets and materials with non-toxic CO² neutral materials, increasing the energy efficiency of our equipment as well as rethinking the sustainability of the equipment’s whole value chain over the entire life-cycle.

Your opportunity with Atlas Copco

Sustainability is at the forefront of Atlas Copco’s development goals. At the level of Industrial Assembly Solutions division, this is shown as a need to help customers achieve their key sustainability targets. As a result, we are looking for disruptive sustainability partners to address value-chain wide sustainability challenges in our core product portfolio of industrial assembly solutions.

The desired partnership scope can include but is not limited to co-development partnership, joint venture, solution licencing or a more traditional solution delivery. Ideal solutions should provide deep competence and experience in value-chain wide subproblems related to CO² neutrality, energy efficiency, material reduction and sustainability innovation. The end-user can be Atlas Copco or our customers.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Material innovation

CO² neutral or recycled material, or design innovation resulting in material use reduction while meeting the high performance requirements.

Sustainable drive technologies

More energy-efficient drives for joining solution equipment through software or hardware innovation.

Disruptive approach

Disruptive sustainability concept concerning the whole business model and value chain that helps meet and exceed customer sustainability targets.

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