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Transport Management for BEV Fleets with Scania

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BEV operated fleets and transport assignments have different dynamics than traditional ICE-based fleets. If you work on new BEV-focused transport management solutions that help our customers in planning and executing their BEV-based transport missions in optimal way, be in touch with us!

Opportunity overview

The more digitized, integrated and connected world of electrified transport makes it possible to create new value adding services for different customer groups and transport players. Simultaneously, the BEV based fleets bring in new requirements that the existing logistics and transport management solutions do not fully serve.

At Scania, we tap into this opportunity by building a whole digital services ecosystem for our customers and transport stakeholders. With our modular approach, we now focus on the needs of our customers with BEV fleets and enabling them to plan and execute their BEV transport assignments in optimal way. With a transport management system designed and build to support BEV fleets with their unique needs, we can optimize for the flow and cost efficiency fromthe ground up.

By offering real-time fleet data from our connected vehicles and integrating the information for example with logistics, charging and business systems, we aim to create automated recommendations for goods and routes in real-time. This would be of extreme value for several stakeholders in the transport. If you can contribute to our vision of digital service ecosystem in transport and are building the next generation of transport management solutions targeted for BEV fleets, be in touch with us!

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Fleet Routing & Transport Task Optimization for BEV Fleets

Route optimization is the new fuel efficiency for electric fleets. Automated, real-time route planning and optimization should be based on parameters like battery health, range prediction, charging availability, charging points and charging times, energy prices, etc.

The unique characteristics of BEVs make many of the existing transport management systems obsolete and at Scania we want to lead the way in developing robust, modular solutions for the needs of BEV fleet operators and other transport stakeholders.

Key functionalities

  • Real-Time Fleet Tracking
  • Fleet Route Optimization
  • Range Prediction
  • Charging Availability
  • Energy Prices
  • e-CRM

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