Munters joins Combient Foundry!

Munters is a global leader in energy-efficient solutions for temperature and humidity control. They joined Foundry in 2022 as the 10th member company and launched two opportunities as part of our Spring 2023 cycle.

Munters has been an expert in temperature and humidity control for over 70 years. The company was founded in 1955 and has been a leader in its field ever since. Its portfolio of products and solutions is mission-critical for a wide range of industries, from food production to data centers. For example, a large part of the world's lithium batteries for the automotive industry are manufactured with Munters climate solutions. And the food industry uses its AI solutions to improve animal health and reduce waste, thereby increasing profitability.

Energy efficiency is at the core of Munters sustainability strategy. With the right climate system, large energy savings can be achieved. Therefore, they focus on making their products as energy efficient as possible without compromising on quality. But their sustainability strategy goes far beyond product development. By 2030, the company aims to reach net zero emissions and they have already come a long way. Currently, the company uses as much as 72% renewable energy and has a waste recycling and reuse rate of 52%.

As the newest Foundry member, Munters aims to strengthen its R&D capabilities and deliver the best solutions for its customers. 

“We have recently made several strategic investments in companies that give us access to cutting-edge technology,” says Klas Forsström, President and CEO at Munters. "Collaborating with startups is critical to accelerating our innovation as well as maintaining and strengthening our market position in the long term.”

“Munters delivers cutting-edge solutions for temperature and humidity control,” says Lauri Lehtovuori, CEO of Combient Foundry. “There are many players on the market who, I’m sure, will complement their portfolio. Conversely, working with the Foundry network will help many more benefit from Munters know-how and technology, and most importantly, bring new solutions and offerings to the market quickly,”.

Read more about Munters on their website.