Spring 2018 venture client cycle 28.02.2018

Why Smart Construction Solutions are the Next Big Thing

KONE launched their first venture client opportunities in Spring 2018. The focus area was construction.

The construction industry employs approximately 7% of the world’s working population overall. It can be said that this segment has been one of the largest contributors to economic growth and social wellbeing.

Of course, marvels of construction have been with us since the times of ancient China, Egypt and Rome, through architectural landmarks, roads, dams, bridges and even social housing.

Construction methods over the past couple of thousand years have improved however, the industry still lags behind others on productivity and quality management. But despite these advances, we can see the next big frontier of new opportunity for innovators and change leaders.

We need to overcome these challenges by developing innovative ways of working that will maximize customer value while creating a safe and pleasant working environment.

At KONE, we are looking at opportunities to make this transition for our customers by innovating products and processes that will contribute to improvements in productivity.

We are looking to work with companies that have technologies to move the industry forward in fields like digitization, material mapping & tracking, site logistics, returnable packaging and improved people and material flow.

That’s why we want to hear from startups that have ideas and energy to transform construction and innovate just as our ancestors did.

Elevators enabled the construction industry to build tall. Now we want to use innovation to build smart and, as always, continue to improve safety.

This opportunity is no longer open. See the active opportunities here.