Venture client approach 13.03.2019

Here’s 7 Tips on What to Focus on When Sending your Venture Client Submission

Combient Foundry’s MO is all about helping you, the startups, in acquiring industry leaders as venture clients. But before we can help you, you can help us. To identify your solution’s greatest value, here are 7 tips on formulating your venture client submission to get noticed by Combient companies.

1) Take time to work on your value proposition

So you’ve got a unique chance to impress several global industry leaders and shake hands with 30 altogether, once you’ve entered the process. The form consists of only a few open answers; these are the ones you need to focus on. Think about the ways you want the companies to know how your solution will help them and what kind of unseen value you can achieve together.

2) Talk about your team/startup

Speaking of value, companies definitely want to know about who they will be working with to produce it. Don’t worry about wow-ing them with decades of experience, fancy degrees, or awards and patents. Venture Client companies are most interested in a team that fits their unique needs, so describe who works for you and what unique background they have.

3) Don’t put unnecessary emphasis on your finances

We ask for your funding only because we look to understand how far you’ve come. This is of course not the only metric that measures that, so be sure to emphasize what you have achieved so far. Also, we are not looking to buying you but buying from you. We do not want to own your tech, IP, or equity, but to create new value-adding assets with you.

The bottom line here: don’t spend too much time on this particular aspect you can list easily.

4) Companies are interested in the unique value for the case at hand: describe the end-product you have in mind, in detail

Moving on to your solution itself. The first one, “Solution Description” is open-ended, but the companies want to know really specific stuff here. Namely, what is the unique value to the particular real-life problem? Instead of trying to write out an all-encompassing description of every possible application your solution could have, use this space to describe the good fit for this one case. Convincing the companies of a good solution will lead to future applications for your venture client and even the industry at large.

5) Your vision is what makes you stand out at the finish line

So now that you’ve described fine details of your value proposition, now its time to begin talking about taking over the world. Under “Additional information” you can begin to shed light on where you are headed in the big picture. While not skipping out on the concrete, real-world nature of the solution you’re pitching, let them know you are dreaming big and planning far ahead. After all, they are interested in long-term partnerships.

6) Finally, impress them with previous cases you have worked on

Just like you want to share details about who’s on your team, your reference cases carry important weight on your selection. Don’t worry if you don’t have them yet, but clients, partners, any kinds of affiliates who you have worked within your industry are what we wanna know of. For “Customers”, show us where you have succeeded and what you are proud of. These will definitely be the things that companies will ask you about when they begin discussions with you.

7) Any questions? Send us a message!

When we say we’re here to help you all along the way, we aren’t just paying lip-service. If you find yourself stuck at this point of the journey, feel free to reach out to us on with any questions you have. We’re always glad to meet new people and talk about what we can do together.

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