Joining Forces – the Power of Combient Foundry’s Venture Client Alliance

At Combient Foundry, we pride ourselves on being more than just a venturing partner; we are a Venture Client Alliance. Our alliance serves as a shared Venture Client function, combining the strengths of multiple industrial companies into a shared powerhouse of innovation.

Combining the forces of multiple industrial companies

Combient Foundry is a network of leading industrial corporations in their respective fields. Together, we represent an appealing pool of industrial reference clients for leading startups and growth companies, encompassing a combined revenue nearing €120 billion and a workforce of 420,000 professionals. Each new member exponentially increases the value for our network and partnering startups.

For the participating industrial companies, Combient Foundry acts as a comprehensive partner and extended team, providing end-to-end venturing capabilities and synergistic resources that address all critical areas for successful corporate-startup partnerships.

Through a shared Venture Client function, the Foundry member companies build venturing capabilities together

At the core of our operation is the Foundry Venture Client process, accompanied by leading startup scouting technology. These are designed to accelerate time-to-market and technology adoption through scalable, commercial partnerships with leading startups and scaleups.

Strategic alignment, clear key performance indicators, effective operational strategies, and business-need-driven processes are some of the key enablers for successful startup purchasing. 

We work closely with each member company to set the right targets and KPIs, governance structures, and operational setup for venturing to drive impact. We identify and engage key stakeholders, including executive, operational, marketing & communications, and purchasing champions. By focusing on sourcing and scoping the right organizational needs to solve with the Venture Client approach, we continuously identify and prioritize real and timely R&D and business development needs, as well as strategic opportunities for adopting new technologies with our member companies.

A deep understanding of industrial companies’ needs, combined with accumulated insights into the technology maturity and project success rates, ensures real and measurable outcomes. Each launched business opportunity is thoroughly prepared with a dedicated team, business case, allocated budget, and available internal support. This ensures swift and effective partnership building, with organizational buy-in, from proof of concepts and pilots to solution implementation and scaling.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our edge lies in our philosophy of sharing and a strong business-need-driven approach. Our approach offers several benefits:

1. Lean and Effective Venturing:

By sharing resources, we achieve operational efficiency gains, reducing the overhead for Venture Client operations and pilot projects with startups for each member company.

2. Trusted Problem-Solving Approach:

Our method, proven by the feedback from 200+ launched Venture Client projects, simply works. It emphasizes an effective and systematic process of identifying, scoping, and solving the right business needs, transforming them into successful results with startups and growth companies. 

3. More Attractive to Startups:

Our collective presence and cross-selling opportunities make us uniquely attractive to the top 2% of startups from the global startup ecosystem. Acting as a single, unified interface for startups, we work with leading tech startups and growth companies from over 75 countries, including all major startup hubs.

4. 10x Vetted Startup Dealflow:

With a shared and continuously expanding database of over 20,000 vetted industrial startups, we provide a comprehensive and curated deal flow of top startup and scaleup solutions tailored to specific industrial needs.

5. Access to Industry Best Practices:

Members benefit from peer learning and shared knowledge in venturing and startup purchasing, fostering a collective intelligence that increases success rates for all projects. Our Industrial Future Builder Summits provide exchange opportunities for our ecosystem of executives, VCs, and leading startups.

6. Joint Projects with Multiple Members:

The Foundry approach facilitates cooperation and synergies between members in overlapping business needs. Members collaborate to launch joint business opportunities for startups in strategically important fields like AI, renewable materials, energy, and autonomous systems. 


In conclusion, Combient Foundry as a Venture Client Alliance embodies the power of collaboration and shared capabilities. By joining forces, we enable our member companies to achieve greater success and efficiency in their venturing efforts, driving the future of corporate innovation.

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