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Active Opportunities

Innovative Food Packaging with Stora Enso

One third of the food produced globally is lost between production and consumption. Stora Enso, a leader in renewable packaging, is looking for innovative material providers to help fight that issue together with advanced renewable and recyclable food packaging solutions, which would sufficiently preserve their contents, but also enable recyclability or reusability of the packaging materials.

Utilizing Construction Data by KEKO

KEKO is a consortium of 7 companies with a mission to make every building smart. Our platform approach addresses every building life cycle phase and now it's time to dive deeper into the opportunities in utilizing construction time data during and after building construction. If your ambitious team or company with a novel solution could benefit from our building data and know-how, we invite you to pilot and scale your business with us.

New Wood Products with Stora Enso

Today we can already build higher, stronger and lighter buildings than ever before with a raw material that keeps growing back - wood. As a leading provider of wooden construction elements we seek to explore and capture new ways of using our wood products, components and remnant production material to meet the needs of a constantly growing wood construction industry.

Past Opportunities

Augmented Support for Epiroc

We are looking to enhance our field support offering with augmented backend support capabilities. How will the remote support of the future look like?

New Health & Well-Being Solutions for KONE

We are working with our customers around the world to help make buildings and cities safer and healthier places to live, work, and commute. Our solutions build on KONE’s deep expertise and knowledge of people flow, which is vital when addressing the challenges of adapting to a new way of life in the face of the current pandemic. If your solution contributes to creating healthier environments inside and outside of buildings, let us hear from you!

Data Gathering for Epiroc

We are looking for solutions that enable seamless data flow from our machines without the need for fixed connectivity infrastructure. Your solution should be robust, intelligent, easy-to-setup and reliably transmit data between an underground mine, and ultimately, with the top-level world via mining machinery operating in mining sites.

Utilizing Data to Create Building Experiences by KEKO

KEKO is a consortium of 7 companies with a mission to make every building smart. We are creating an ecosystem around smart building platform with a human approach, creating new and unique experiences to add value for every building user in their everyday life. We invite the best-in-class startups to create solutions for the building users with the help of our unmatched data and industry know-how.

Intelligent Mining by Epiroc

Epiroc wants to make their mining, infrastructure, and natural resources industry equipment self-aware and connected even in the harshest and most distant environments all around the world.

AI in Design by Stora Enso

Stora Enso, a leader in renewable packaging, wants to make packaging design and selection as easy as possible. We aim to create a digital service for our customers, designers, and sales representatives. Can you help us to create a streamlined buying process of packaging designs, with the help of cutting-edge technologies?

KONE API Partner Ecosystem

We are constantly looking to add value to our customers by bringing in external solutions into our partner ecosystem. Connect your smart building solution to our API to improve the urban flow of 1B+ people every day.

Autonomous Fleet Vehicle Flow Optimization by Scania

Does your solution help in optimizing the autonomous vehicle flow in complex environments at a vehicle level? Let us hear from you!

Digital Toolbox for Wood Building Industry by Stora Enso

HEAL, the joint initiative of two wood building industry leaders Stora Enso and Trä Group, aims to build a toolbox of innovative digital tools and solutions to be offered to the wood building industry. Do you have a solution that could fit in this toolbox and to be distributed for Stora Enso’s client and partner network?

Green Plug-and-Play Fleet Orchestrator for Operations 24/7 by Scania

Autonomous transport systems need a real-time, intelligent fleet orchestrator that monitors, creates and updates the operational plan. If you are building one, let us hear from you!

Production Waste Measurement by Stora Enso

Stora Enso, a leader in renewable packaging, is looking to measure production waste at the Lahti plant, the largest site for corrugated board packaging production. Our aim is to find a solution that would track waste generation automatically. Can you help us to create transparency in the corrugated board production process?

Remote Assessment in Autonomous Transport Solutions by Scania

Autonomous transport systems need to be monitored and remote operators must be able to interact with the vehicles. If your solution can help us to remotely assess autonomous vehicles, shoot us a message!

Recycled Material Flow Purity by Stora Enso

Stora Enso, a global leader in renewable materials, aims to increase the value of recycled materials in its value chains by increasing the purity of recycled material streams, including post-consumer fibre-based packaging, cardboard, wood and paper. Can you help us to create solutions to enhance the purity of recycled materials?

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