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Autoliv is the world's largest manufacturer automotive safety equipment, and also looking into expanding to the protective wear segment. The growing popularity of carsharing, combined with the COVID-19 pandemic, has increased demand for antipathogenic components in vehicle interiors. Moreover, there is growing demand for protective wear with antipathogenic features. As a result, Autoliv seeks new ways to make steering wheels, seat belt components and hip protector equipment antipathogenic without compromising high performance or safety requirements.

Opportunity overview

Currently, Autoliv already produces steering wheels with antibacterial surfaces but would like to explore resistances to other pathogens as well as expand to other product segments. The aim is to find novel solutions that could help make hip protectors, steering wheels and seatbelt plastic and textile components antipathogenic. This includes resistance against bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. We are open for new materials, coatings or surface treatment methods, as long as product safety and component requirements are not compromised. Solutions, like surface treatments, that need to be occasionally reapplied could be considered, too.

The emerging product category of hip protectors could be a viable first application for the solution due to their price insensitivity, less demanding performance requirements and lower production volumes. Of the car interior solutions, steering wheels are likely to make a more lucrative business case, as end customers are willing to pay for premium features in them. Seatbelt components are also an interesting avenue to be explored, though their price sensitivity and production volumes are considerably higher.

Your opportunity with Autoliv

Autoliv is looking for development partners who can complement Autoliv’s deep topical expertise with novel solutions to help make mobility safety equipment antipathogenic. Being the market leader in automotive safety equipment, Autoliv can help a successful provider reach all major OEMs, and open the door for various other uses cases in the safety product realm. Autoliv is open for exploring different modes of collaboration including but not restricted to co-commercialization of research, technology licensing and delivery of a working, scalable solution. We can also support in selling a re-applicable aftermarket solution.

The business potential for a successfully solution is vast as the yearly production volumes range from tens of thousands units in hip protectors to tens of millions in steering wheels and seatbelts.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Hip protectors

An antipathogenic treatment method for the material carrying the hip protection device.

Antiviral steering wheel coating

A novel surface coating for steering wheels that makes them naturally antiviral without compromising safety or functionality.

Antipathogenic seat belt component materials

A novel material for seatbelt plastic and textile components that is antipathogenic, can meet the safety requirements and is cost-efficient in large-volume use.

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