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Augmented Worker Guidance with Atlas Copco

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What are we looking for?

Atlas Copco’s Machine Vision Solutions (MVS) division is a part of Atlas Copco’s Industrial Technique business area. Within the division, ISRA VISION is a leading provider of machine vision technology. Atlas Copco ISRA VISION is looking for augmented worker guidance solutions to enable untrained or less trained persons to conduct specific and non-repetitive tasks and ensure high quality output. Ultimately, this reduces the demand for expert work at the customer’s site.

Opportunity overview

New technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality enable new and exciting possibilities for industrial applications. As an example, non-trained individuals can carry out tasks that would otherwise require an expert. These tasks can be e.g. installation, service routines and visualization of components. In a customer-facing context, these solutions could visualize machine vision process results such as marking defects or identifying components and parts.

The solutions we seek can be software or a combination of hardware and software. The software should be able to create needed visualizations and be expandable to take into account expanding the system with new instructions for expertless commissioning. The hardware can include a combination of cameras, displays, laser pointers, mobile devices or AR/VR glasses.

Your opportunity with Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco ISRA VISION is looking for partnering startups that can provide augmented worker guidance for complex downstream tasks such as guiding the work of the on-site technician or helping the end-customer identify parts or components. We are open to co-development using ISRA VISION’s industry-leading machine vision for image detection and your AR interfaces. We are open for solutions ranging from software to a combination of hardware and software.

There is major commercial potential in upskilling non-trained persons and enabling expertless commissioning or service of complex industrial systems. A successful solution can be scaled Atlas Copco sites globally and to numerous customer facilities.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Augmented worker guidance for own technicians

The solution can be used to enable, guide or support technicians during complex or not-trained tasks at customer systems without an ISRA expert present. These tasks can include but are not limited to installation routines, visualization of components, coordinate systems etc.

Augmented worker guidance for 1st level support

A worker guidance system can be used to enable or guide customers’ technicians during regular maintenance or process failures without an ISRA expert present. These tasks can include but are not limited to maintenance routines, visualization of components or parameters, coordinate systems etc.

Augmented worker guidance in customer applications

An ideal solution can contribute to the core functionality of machine vision systems e.g. for quality assurance. These tasks include to visualize machine vision process results, virtually mark defects, identify parts and components, etc. in order to support manual processes.

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