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What are we looking for?

Stora Enso, a leader in renewable materials, is developing new generations of renewable food packaging solutions, that can not only preserve the food properties, but also enable recyclability and/or reusability of the packaging material. Therefore, we are now looking into innovative renewable barrier solutions that are industrially and/or home compostable providing ultimately compostable and/or recyclable food packaging at scale.

Opportunity overview

Many of the critical properties of food packaging are provided by barrier materials: they control the transmission of oxygen, humidity, grease, heat and aromas to name a few. At the same time, recyclability of food packaging materials is essential for Stora Enso, its customers and consumers. While Stora Enso already has a wide range of renewable packaging materials, we believe that there could be synergies between our current offering and innovative compostable barrier solutions.

We are looking for home and/or industrial compostable barrier solutions produced of renewable feedstock. Our objective is to provide a packaging materials, of which at least 95% shall be recyclable at scale with the relevant recycling processes. The material solutions we are looking for would need to eventually fulfil food safety regulation and meet compostability standards but no previous experience from food packaging solutions is required. Our packaging materials are typically used in various food and beverage end-uses such as cups, boxes, trays, clamshells etc. When we find solutions that provide added value, we are highly motivated to scale the solution across the value chain together with our customers and global brand owners.

Recyclable packaging for fusilli pasta and organic black beans, with pasta salad dish
Recyclable packaging for chocolate bars

Your opportunity with Stora Enso

We want to replace non-renewable barriers with renewable solutions in food packaging by using innovative materials and state-of-the-art technologies. We are open for joint development to accelerate the growth of your solution. We are looking to collaborate and share our industry & commercial knowledge to provide you valuable information about our manufacturing process and commercialization possibilities enabling your company further opportunities within the industry.

If you have something to offer in the field of food-safe, functional and sustainable packaging materials and technologies, please read more about our key focus areas below.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Home and/or industrially compostable barrier solutions

We are looking for home and/or industrially compostable renewable materials and solutions to provide the required barrier properties for food packaging. Such materials shall be applicable on fibre-based packaging materials.

Recyclable coffee cups with a serving tray

Renewable and recycled materials

The ideal barrier solution would be made of renewable or recycled materials and produced of sustainable feedstock or recycled content such as agricultural waste.

Technologies as solutions

Common technologies for applying barriers are, for example, extrusion and dispersion. Besides, tapping into these technologies, we are also willing to learn about other opportunities that might already exists but are not commonly used in packaging industry.

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