As the global leader, Autoliv develops, manufactures, and markets protective systems, such as airbags, seatbelts, and steering wheels, and as the latest addition, Connected safety services. Our vision of Saving More Lives guides us. Autoliv sells to all major car manufacturers globally. Now, we are reaching out to innovative companies with solutions to continue our path of furthering our best-in-class coaching bot, DARCY. We are looking for new innovative solutions to solve a bot’s intelligence and deep learning to truly become an individual experience for any driver, irrespective of background, culture, or surroundings.

Opportunity overview

Staying close to its customers, Autoliv has a superior global presence and operations in 27 countries. Our Connected Safety Services platform offers a way to deduce guidance on what safe driving means based on data and define this as a safety score.

With this safety score, we apply a certain logic to then change an individual’s driving behaviour to a safer one. This service is then delivered to our customers end users.

As with any global process, a lot of consideration needs to be given to things like geography, regional culture and context of an individual in order to fully personalize a coaching experience for a driver. From our viewpoint, It is relatively easy to change behaviour of a driver over a short period of time, but to create stickiness and form habits over a long term is where most of the value resides. Hence, the field of behavioral Artificial Intelligence is critical for us.

Autoliv wants to take digital coaching experience for anyone driving a vehicle to a next and new level. For the next generation of our coaching experience, we are looking for new ideas, concepts and solutions that revolutionizes the new age of personalized coaching.

Your opportunity with Autoliv

In creating the next revolution of coaching, we are looking for anything that can truly personalize the experience and create even further engagement with the end user.

Changing behaviour over the long term is done through proactive engagement, creating awareness and giving right rewards to a user within a unique context.

This is why we are looking beyond what we have today in DARCY, our bot, and looking for new advancements and additions to the behavioral engine that can supply DARCY with further insight so that DARCY can reply even more sophisticated in the right way, at the right time, with the correct visualization and with the right tone of voice and language. We have listed some examples of solutions we have in mind and would like to learn more about your offering for one or several of them. We are also open to novel approaches to the same opportunity space, so don’t hesitate to submit your solution.

Examples we're looking for

Getting to know the driver

The DARCY bot can currently understand driving behaviour of an individual and produce smart recommendations to improve that behaviour. We are looking for further machine learning solutions to create new individual insights that can be used to drive an increase in safe driving behaviour independent of vehicle driven – whether that be a car, an e-scooter, bike, or other means of transport.

Coaching for change over time

We have reached a best practice in being able to create awareness and engagement with what we have today in our safety coach app. To further engage the users for the long-term, we would like to learn how can we further enhance this by setting up new gamification tools and visualizations in our app. Let us know what you have to offer in this space.

Localization handling

The user base for our app is truly global, and we have to take that into account when it comes to personalization of content in terms of language. We would like to learn how can we apply localization for languages across the globe and still have the right intelligence triggering of the safety assistant bot in a smart and maintainable way. What would you have to offer for this opportunity?

Autoliv is the worldwide leader in automotive safety systems. Through their group companies, they develop, manufacture, and market protective systems, such as airbags, seatbelts, and steering wheels, for all major automotive manufacturers in the world as well as mobility safety solutions, such as pedestrian protection, connected safety services and safety solutions for riders of powered two-wheelers.Autoliv challenges and re-defines the standards of mobility safety to sustainably deliver leading solutions. In 2022, Autoliv products saved close to 35,000 lives and reduced more than 450,000 injuries. Their close to 70,000 associates in 27 countries are passionate about our vision of Saving More Lives and quality is at the heart of everything we do. We drive innovation, research, and development at our 14 technical centers, with their 20 test tracks.

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