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Utilizing Construction Data by KEKO

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KEKO is a consortium of 7 companies with a mission to make every building smart. Our platform approach addresses every building life cycle phase and now it's time to dive deeper into the opportunities in utilizing construction time data during and after building construction. If your ambitious team or company with a novel solution could benefit from our building data and know-how, we invite you to pilot and scale your business with us.

Theme description

On average, we spend around 90% of our lives indoors. If we intend to solve the grand challenges of our time, from stopping climate change to living healthier and happier lives, we must look inside that 90%.

The KEKO ecosystem aims to significantly improve the comfort, productivity, and sustainability of buildings by integrating the data of all the technical systems of the built environment to a single platform. To fulfill the vision, we are present in all building life cycle phases, from planning to renovation to end of use.

In this opportunity, together with the consortium partners KONE, Nokia, YIT, Caverion, Halton, VTT and Netox, we dive deep into the construction phase of buildings. Thanks to our holistic platform approach, we already collect material and process data during building construction. Now it's your time to take the construction data into use and propose novel business models for example in new data-driven construction process analysis, safety improvements, and utilizing construction data in the late phases of building life cycle such as maintenance and renovation.

We invite the best talent to create and co-develop solutions for all building stakeholders with the help of our unmatched resources and know-how. If you work on data-driven solutions that can drive the change in how buildings are constructed and managed, keep reading!

Opportunity Overview

The KEKO consortium partners operate at every level of the building life-cycle. Our cross-industry approach allows us to bring together domain expertise and data for example from building construction, material and people flow, energy consumption, building usage, and indoor positioning into our unique, purpose-built API.

Now we focus on the usage of data gathered during the planning and construction phases. A lot of data is already gathered from construction sites but currently, this data is underutilized. In addition, a lot of valuable data is lost between the building life cycle phase changes, for example when moving from the building construction to the operation phase. KEKO bridges the life cycle gaps by providing a platform that lives with the building throughout the whole life cycle. During planning and construction, we collect and store data on the KEKO platform and make it easily available. The consortium partners for instance track the material and people flow, and the associated environmental data to document how and when the building was built.

Below you can find examples of focus areas that we are interested in working together with you and other building stakeholders. Please bear in mind that your vision and solution must not be limited to these – we highly appreciate innovation from business models to novel technologies that contribute to developing the future of the built environments.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Productivity and Workflows

With the aggregated construction phase data, we can achieve productivity and safety improvements. Some key questions, where we could use your help, include:

  • How to facilitate seamless communication in construction projects with multiple stakeholders and overlapping workflows?
  • How to minimize the time used for unnecessary movement and handling of materials?
  • How to maximize the utilization rate of bottleneck equipment and avoid having unused equipment on site?
  • Could materials and work orders be automatically ordered and executed based on the advancement of the construction?
  • How can we make sure that workers always have the material they need to continue the construction?

Safety Monitoring

The construction industry is deemed to be one of the most dangerous for its professionals. For example, a real-time digital twin of the construction site, or improved situational awareness between people on the field, could prevent life-threatening scenarios.

Some relevant solutions could include tracking people against hazardous places, materials, and behaviors and simulating newly installed scaffoldings to visualize the places which are under extreme stress.

Does your solution contribute to the safety of construction sites?

Utilizing Construction Data in the Late Phases of Building Life Cycles

Building the smart infrastructure for the building construction data unlocks tremendous opportunities for all building stakeholders after the initial construction phase. Some potential use cases include:

  • Green building certificates - evidence that a building is built from sustainable materials and is safe and healthy for people to live in.
  • Construction company’s guarantee - evidence for disputes
  • Insurances - evaluation of risks, negotiating cheaper insurance fees or support for investigations
  • Renovation - plan and estimate cost of renovation better with data
  • Maintenance -  plans based on the construction time documentation

Can you help the customers in utilizing the construction phase data in later building life cycle phases?

What is the KEKO Ecosystem?

KEKO brings together major players and SME's to build a dynamic ecosystem around a smart building platform.

An ecosystem for a smart building platform – there is massive potential for improving building conditions, increasing business performance, and minimizing the environmental impact of buildings.

To tap into this potential and create the global standard for smart building platforms, a new collaboration between parties is required. That’s why our ecosystem brings together the bright minds of Nokia, Kone, YIT, Caverion, Halton, VTT, and Netox.

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