We want to enhance our field support offering with augmented backend support capabilities. What will remote support look like in the future?

Opportunity Overview

With our partners and customers, we are co-developing a smart, safe, and seamless future for the mining and infrastructure industries. Connectivity, digitalization, interoperability, automation, and zero-emission technology are critical elements of a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.

Our equipment and machines are used worldwide, both above and under the surface, in the most demanding environments by leading companies in their fields. We are on a journey of building the future of mining. For us, this means mining at specific sites becomes faster, more autonomous, and safer for all participating personnel.

An integral part of keeping mines and infrastructure sites operating is installation, maintenance, and repair work that needs to be done in the most demanding environments. We want to augment our support organization with the next generation of remote support solutions. Can you help us to serve our customers increasingly better with your technology?

Your Opportunity with Epiroc

In our everyday lives, we are comfortable using virtual assistants to ask everything from weather forecasts to putting on our favorite music tracks. We are used to taking video calls daily and looking for help around the internet.

But what about the situation at work, out in the field? What do you do when standing in front of a machine you can’t fix by yourself?

We seek solutions that bring our expert support service to your fingertips in harsh environments, underground, and without internet connectivity. How does the future of remote support look like?

Examples we're looking for

Mobile solutions

We are looking for mobile solutions that should be easy to use and access. We want to provide the correct information at the right time.

Certifying devices for mining use is a burdensome process. That is why we prefer integrating your solution with the existing equipment.

Online and offline

Our support organization works in areas with perfect internet connectivity and sometimes without connectivity.

Harsh locations

We cannot emphasize the working conditions of our machinery and equipment too much.

Your solution must work in harsh locations with dirt, dust, humidity, vibrations, and high and cold temperatures.

Epiroc is a global productivity partner for mining and construction customers and accelerates the transformation toward a sustainable society. With ground-breaking technology, Epiroc develops and provides innovative and safe equipment, such as drill rigs, rock excavation, and construction equipment and tools for surface and underground applications. The company also offers world-class service and other aftermarket support, as well as solutions for automation, digitalization, and electrification.

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