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Digital Thread of Connected Goods in Transport with Scania

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At Scania, we are developing and enabling the automation of digital, sustainable end-to-end supply chains and logistics. If you work on solutions that contribute to developing connected digital threads of goods and articles in smart transport, be sure to be in touch with us!

Opportunity overview

Large manufacturers and companies have strong business and sustainability drivers to track their complex supply chains and estimate the CO2 and other environmental metrics associated with manufacturing and transport. To meet such needs, Scania is in a prime spot to enable and develop new digital transport and logistic services built on top of our connected vehicles. Now, we are working to complement our data acquisition and service offering with solutions that contribute to the development and management of digital, sustainable end-to-end supply chains through traceability of physical goods.

We envision a system of systems with full supply chain visibility and virtual stocks of goods. The solutions we are looking for could include but are not limited to, different kinds of tags and tag readers in goods and vehicles, device and data management tools, and platforms to manage digital twins of goods, vehicles, and hubs. With better visibility on goods in transport or scheduled for transport, we and our customers look to automate unloading and storage handling activities, minimize stock deviations, deliver accurate CO2 and fill rate measurement, and support transport planning. Furthermore, with data points like vehicle load capacity, goods identifiers, and terminal readiness, we could include theft prevention, automated billing for material suppliers, and Uber-style load matching among other use cases.

Your opportunity with Scania

To succeed in realizing our vision, we invite the best-in-class partners to work with us in areas ranging from item-level tagging and scanning to holistic supply chain management platforms. If you can contribute to improved data acquisition, integration, and usage in the context of material flow, transport, and supply chains, we would like to hear from you!

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Track & trace solutions

We see affordable technology, including item-level tagging and scanning, being deployed into the supply chains of major manufacturers. More granular supply chain data will enable further process automation and better decision support.

Data integrations

To get the full benefits of the solution, it could integrate into different 3rd party systems like supplier BPM and ERP or other 3rd party data providers. For example, by integrating the processed data with delivery management systems, we could be able to visualize transport availability and delivery in near real-time.

Digital twins

Once data is acquired, there is a significant potential to process it for monitoring, diagnostics and prognostics to optimize asset performance and utilization. We envision a solution in which article numbers are related to digital twins of goods, vehicles or hubs, as well as digital records of the movement of the digital twins. Our vision is eventually to build a virtual stock of articles for manufacturing in logistic supply chains.

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