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Improving Passenger Safety with KONE

Urban environments


KONE helps more than 1 billion people move in and between buildings daily, in the smoothest and safest way. We invite the best-in-class Chinese startups to co-create new solutions to ensure an even safer journey for our passengers in the China market. We are talking about safety in a broad scope, including elevator and escalator passenger safety detection sensors, predictive maintenance tools for our equipment and solutions for preventing transmission of diseases inside buildings. We look forward to hearing about your solution in these areas.

Theme Description

With more than 1 billion people using our equipment each day, safety is of utmost importance to KONE. We constantly strive towards achieving our ultimate goal of zero accidents by paying rigorous attention to our design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance processes.


Safety is a joint effort that involves everyone, from technology and elevator maintenance service providers to building owners and users. We work closely with our customers to help them recognize and deal with situations that could lead to safety risks. Everyone who uses an elevator or escalator needs to be conscious of their own behavior.

With this context in mind, we are looking for innovative solutions from startups to collaborate with us in the China market.

Opportunity Overview

Now we are looking for innovative 3rd party solutions in the field of elevator and escalator safety, predictive equipment maintenance and preventing transmission of viruses or bacteria indoors.

We are aiming to co-create solutions which will prevent accidents in elevators and escalators by anticipating possibly dangerous situations and detecting abnormal objects in elevators or escalators. We are also looking to further increase safety by monitoring our equipment condition, and predicting needs for maintenance. Even though accidents in using our equipment are few, It is our strong belief that all accidents are preventable. In addition to maintaining general safety of operating our equipment, we want to add new solutions to our already existing health and well-being offering to further meet the needs of the current pandemic situation. These solutions should address the challenges of adapting our elevator and escalator rides to a new way of life in the face of the current pandemic, for example by maintaining hygiene or enabling safe social distancing. Ideally, we would like these solutions to be visible to our users so they are aware their ride is safe.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Detecting Dangerous Situations and Abnormal Objects

In order to detect dangerous situations in elevators and escalators, we are looking for sensor- and computer vision solutions to be integrated in our equipment. Possible use cases for these technologies include detecting that nothing is blocking the elevator doors to close and to open, detecting small foreign objects on escalators and monitoring dangerous behaviour of users. For example, how can we make sure passengers are holding the handrail when riding an escalator or not playing on the escalator?

Predictive Equipment Maintenance for Safety

We also want to maintain our equipment to provide absolute People Flow safety. Can your solution enable our maintenance team to know remotely if an escalator or elevator needs maintenance? Do you have a sensor solution for condition monitoring? We are interested in sensor solutions that measure sound, heat, pressure, velocity or other relevant features, combined with software to conduct correct mathematical analysis.

New Health and Well-Being Solutions

We want to make buildings and cities safer and healthier places to live, work, and commute through our deep expertise in People Flow solutions. We are looking for solution that contribute to creating healthier environments inside buildings. Can you help end-users to control elevators in some other way than through touching physical surfaces? Does your solutions make it easier for people to follow the social distancing principles both inside and outside of elevator cabins? Do you have a technical solution that can destroy or reduce bacteria and viruses at surfaces and in the air?

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