Forests are the foundation for Stora Enso’s renewable offerings. We aim to produce renewable resources, enhance biodiversity, and help combat global warming while maintaining forest health. Now, we are looking for digital solutions to remotely monitor and measure forest biodiversity in line with our ambitious 2030-2050 sustainability targets.

Opportunity overview

Biodiversity is profoundly vital for the planet and humankind. At Stora Enso, biodiversity management is integral to our forest management practices. In 2021, Stora Enso announced its new sustainability ambition to safeguard and enhance biodiversity to achieve a net-positive impact on biodiversity in our forests and plantations by 2050. A set of actions towards 2030 has been developed and initiated to improve biodiversity on species, habitat, and landscape levels.

To reach our sustainability targets, we are looking for solutions that can digitally and remotely monitor biodiversity and the impact of our actions at scale. Today, biodiversity monitoring is conducted via sustainability field agents with manual and digital collection. We are looking for a digital solution that can remotely collect and analyze science-based data streams for the forest, species, and habitat levels at scale (1000 to 10’000 hectares per day).

The ideal solution would be accurate science-based data monitoring capable of collecting digital data streams in line with Stora Enso biodiversity indicators (read more here). A potential solution could be a pure software solution or a combination with hardware. We are also interested in solutions that determine the forest’s age through remote sensing, computer vision, AI, or image recognition solutions based on the available data.

Your opportunity with Stora Enso

Today, Stora Enso is one of the largest private forest owners in the world, with total forest assets valued at more than EUR 8 billion in 2021. We are looking for innovative solution providers keen on enhancing biodiversity and helping combat global warming with us. We are ultimately looking for a long-term technology partner to supply current and future digital monitoring (2023-2050) and support us in reaching our sustainability goals. We want to work together and share our industry knowledge to provide valuable information, enabling your company to have further opportunities within the industry.

Part of the global bioeconomy, Stora Enso is a leading provider of renewable products in packaging, biomaterials, and wooden construction and one of the largest private forest owners in the world. We believe that everything that is made from fossil-based materials today can be made from a tree tomorrow.

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