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Rethinking Forest Management Planning with Stora Enso

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Stora Enso offers comprehensive services to forest owners for profitable and sustainable forest management. We want to make forest management easier than ever before. Now we are looking for digital solutions that can process big data and create even more accurate, updated and personalized forest management plans.

Opportunity overview

To practice sustainable forestry, forest owners need to plan for the long term. The forest management plan is at the core of responsible forestry, as decisions made today will have lasting impact. Today’s forest owners have more and more daytime jobs outside forestry and agriculture, hence having less understanding of how their woods are developing. However, there is an ever greater interest in trying to understand how different ways of managing forests helps satisfy economical sustainability and social goals. Stora Enso wants to provide state of the art forest management services and become the leading partner for the new generation of the forest owners.

Today, the forest management planning and data collection is most often done manually. We have access to a lot of data together with Forest Sweden and open source, but no tools to put it together and visualise it in a fast and appealing way. Forest management plans are updated annually, but the data becomes more inaccurate each year.

We are looking for software solutions that have capabilities to process big data, visualize it in a appropriate way and do so continuously with real time data. The solution should be designed for future changes, interoperable through layering and API exposure, secure and as data non-redundant as possible.

Your opportunity with Stora Enso

We are looking for a partner to help us co-develop and innovate solution to manage our forestry data. We would like to work together, and share our industry knowledge, to provide you valuable information enabling your company further opportunities within the industry. With the selected partner, we would start the proof-of-concept with a pre-study to find out:

  • How to congregate and use our different data sources (in-house available data and publicly available data)
  • How that data can be instantly visualized in a forest management plan in e.g. a web page or app
  • How it stays up to date
key features of the ideal solution

Creating a forest management plan

A forest owner logs into the Stora Enso Forest service page to purchase a management plan. The management plan is created instantly and the forest owner can go ahead to virtually walk around their woods, sign contracts and take advantage of the full range of Stora Enso digital services.

Receiving updates

Forest owners receive updates after a harvest operation or silvicultural action has taken place. The management plan is automatically updated with all new figures for the compartment / stand.


Adapting in accordance to the forest owners targets. Every forest owner has an idea/target with their forest. By stating how important each target is (e.g. on a scale from 1-10), the plan should adopt the management schema of the particular forest to meet the customer need.

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