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Green Space Index for Residentials with Husqvarna Group

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We want to inspire actions that makes a lasting difference and improve quality of life. A key area for Husqvarna Group is gardening, and our purpose is to provide products and services that shapes great experiences. We are now searching for partners that can help us achieve this goal with relevant content and services building on our HUGSI concept.

Opportunity overview

A few years ago, Husqvarna Group introduced HUGSI. By applying computer vision and deep learning techniques on satellite images, HUGSI measures and analyzes urban green space in select cities across the globe. A greener city have many potential benefits such as reduction of heat stress, better handling of excessive rainwater, reduction of noise levels, improved biodiversity and better air quality. They also benefit from an improved quality of life for the people living in or visiting the city.

Now, we want to build on the success from HUGSI and are looking for partners that can help us introduce a similar system for residentials where more granular images/other data might be needed to get a precise picture of a smaller area. We see a great potential for passionate gardeners to understand, measure and compare their garden “greenness” with neighbors and the close environment/area.

We believe that a “HUGSI for residentials” could support residents to make decisions in their garden that positively contributes to their hometown’s overall sustainability. Through recommendations, residents would be able to become the local hero they always dreamt of. Making the neighbourhoods more green and resistant through havíng access to detailed data on how their garden and gardening is contributing to the quality of life.

Your opportunity with Husqvarna Group

We hope to partner up with startups and scaleups that like us see the clear business potential in solutions that will help people change their behavior to a more sustainable lifestyle.

We offer a possibility to work and utilize the industry know-how, networks and resources of an agile-minded 330-year-old company that have successfully managed many other bigger transformations and disruptions in the past centuries.

Together we will aim to co-develop new service(s) that provides financial as well as environmental value to the wide network of Husqvarna Group’s customers globally as well as shareholders and society.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Gardening data acquisition

Mapping of image accuracy of accessible satellite, drone and cell phone camera data in order to drive decision making in residential gardens from 300 sqm and above.

Data analytics

Mapping of appropriate garden areas, or categories, to analyze through image recognition including measurability of an individual user sustainability Index.

Recommendation engine

Explore business cases related to Husqvarna Group current product/service offerings.

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