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Improving Driver Wellbeing with Autoliv

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Autoliv is the world's leading manufacturer of automotive protective systems for all the major automotive OEMs in the world. Our seatbelts and steering wheels are unique safety products due to their continuous and direct contact with the passengers throughout their journey. We are now looking for novel solutions that could improve driver wellbeing by utilizing these products in new ways.

Opportunity overview

We are on a mission to save more lives. There is however a growing demand to go beyond what traditionally constitutes passive automotive safety systems, and towards solutions that also improve driver and passenger wellbeing. To achieve this, we are now looking for novel solutions for example in new surface treatments, webbing features, or other material innovation and smart solutions that meet our high requirements for safety and performance, and can be integrated into our product lines.

Seatbelts and steering wheels are not the typical products used in this field, so we are open to creative solutions to improve passenger physical and emotional wellbeing when using Autoliv seatbelts or steering wheels. Ideally, solutions could be seamlessly integrated into our current products and production processes, and in the end provide provable wellbeing benefits for people using our products.

Your opportunity with Autoliv

As a global leader in our field, we can offer outstanding potential for scaling your company’s solution further. During our collaboration, you will have access to our domain expertise and resources, as we validate and scale the solution together with you. This is a significant opportunity to create real impact in the market; as far as we know, there are no corresponding solutions available today. We would be open for various partnership models, whether it be off-the-shelf solutions to be directly integrated into our current processes, or something that requires a higher degree of co-development.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Seatbelt properties

Seatbelt coating or webbing materials, or seatbelt components that could have innate functional properties that have a positive effect on those in contact with them. Preferably, the added features could be woven or post-coated in the seatbelt fabric.

Steering wheel

Changes to the material composition or coating of the steering wheel that could improve their sensory impact. These could include but not be limited to factors like breathability, softness to the touch and other tactile features.

Smart solutions

Integrating smart technologies into the seatbelts and steering wheels that are not traditional features of these products. For instance, integrating pressure, moisture, vibration or light sensors into steering wheels and seatbelts.

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