KONE, a global elevator and escalator industry leader, has the vision to deliver the best people flow experience. To help serve people in urban spaces even better, we are now looking for intelligent sensor solutions to increase KONE customers’ understanding of how people use and move in intelligent buildings. If your solution can provide meaningful data for optimizing building user experience, we would like to hear from you.

Opportunity overview

KONE is on a mission to improve the flow of urban life. Good people flow means moving smoothly, safely, comfortably, and without waiting in and between buildings. At the same time, property managers face challenges in understanding how people use their intelligent buildings and how to make decisions based on people flow data. These KONE customers may not be able to analyze the available data, and the data may be challenging to comprehend overall.

To help customers increase their understanding of how their buildings are used and to create meaningful business insights, KONE wants to develop its people flow sensing and analytics capabilities. By enriching intelligent sensor data, property managers can overcome people flow bottlenecks and improve user experience, efficiency, maintenance, sustainability, and adaptability of buildings. Additionally, facilities can be automated further through the intelligent optimization of equipment, such as elevators, based on more brilliant people’s flow monitoring and prediction.

We are now looking to partner with innovative solution providers that provide accurate and intelligent sensor-based data acquisition or analytics solutions on-site. The acquired and pre-processed data should help to increase the awareness of clever building usage and human behavior inside buildings or their close surroundings, including busy areas such as building lobbies. The data could be utilized for various purposes, such as visual representations for KONE customers. Overall, we are interested in novel but proven sensor-based solutions and are open to different approaches to how your solution can support KONE and its customers.

Your opportunity with KONE

Partnering with KONE provides an opportunity to co-develop novel offerings with an industry-leading player. Our broad customer base can give your sensing solutions significant leads and business opportunities. Our equipment is connected to the cloud, so partner solutions are easily connected through KONE APIs. The selected solution providers will get technical and financial support in the short term to develop concept prototypes for further evaluation. An advantage here is the capability and willingness to grow and adapt the end solution to fit KONE’s requirements. To scale the solution, selected partners get opportunities to leverage KONE’s sales and operational resources in several target markets while becoming integral partners for the KONE Partner Ecosystem.

Examples we're looking for

Data acquisition

We are interested in intelligent sensor solutions that can contribute to monitoring, predicting, or controlling people’s flow inside or outside buildings. The sensor solutions should enable data pre-processing and connectivity directly to the KONE edge device, KONE cloud, or your cloud for further processing and analysis. We are interested in novel and creative solutions for acquiring data in meaningful and value-adding ways.

Data insights

We are also interested in data analytics solutions that provide actionable and real-time data-related insights on the site or in a cloud environment. The answers can cover but are not necessarily limited to, intelligent algorithms and AI models based on single or multiple sensor outputs. The data can be processed on your own KONE edge device, depending on the data analytics capabilities on the edge. In contrast, the analyzed data can be sent to your own KONE cloud environment for further processing.

The KONE mission is to improve the flow of urban life. As a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry, KONE provides elevators, escalators, and automatic building doors, as well as solutions for maintenance and modernization to add value to buildings throughout their life cycle. Through more effective People Flow®, KONE makes people's journeys safe, convenient, and reliable in taller, smarter buildings.

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