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Stora Enso is seeking innovations to transform the efficiency of their power plants, specifically focusing on optimizing steam and electricity production and smart procurement from the spot market. The primary goal is to develop predictive models that can anticipate spot prices, align them with internal costs, and meet energy demands effectively. The envisioned ultimate solution would reduce costs, boost energy efficiency, and minimize environmental impact.

Opportunity overview

Stora Enso is deeply committed to reducing energy consumption across its production sites. In pursuit of this goal, we are on the lookout for solution providers experienced in the energy sector and industrial processes. The envisioned solution entails predictive models that forecast and monitor spot prices in line with operations demand and internal costs for electricity from own power plants. Additionally, solutions that optimize steam provision for operational needs while lowering costs are of interest. Stora Enso eagerly seeks partners who can deliver results-oriented approaches to revolutionize its energy management practices.

Examples we're looking for

Electricity optimization

Navigating the balance between electricity production costs and spot market and intraday market prices. The solution should steer when to buy and sell electricity to the grid and when to produce own electricity at the power plant.

Steam optimization

Ensuring reliable steam provision for operational needs and developing robust contingency plans for unforeseen events like machinery downtime to maintain uninterrupted operations while lowering costs.

Power plant operations optimization

Looking for a general optimizer that considers both electricity and steam production to optimize efficiency and maintain reliability while reducing operational expenses.

Part of the global bioeconomy, Stora Enso is a leading provider of renewable products in packaging, biomaterials, and wooden construction and one of the largest private forest owners in the world. We believe that everything that is made from fossil-based materials today can be made from a tree tomorrow.

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