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Radical Supply Chain Transparency with Stora Enso


In addition to wood and fiber, Stora Enso sources other raw materials, products, and services from over 20,000 suppliers and contractors globally. We have strict sustainability requirements for all of them and we continuously build our deep knowledge of these value chains’ sustainability opportunities and challenges. We want to be pioneers in communicating this complex and fascinating supplier base to our customers as openly as possible. Could your solution help us become radically transparent in sourcing and supply chain management?

Theme Description

Stora Enso is committed to the development of products and technologies based on renewable materials. Our products, in many cases, provide a low-carbon alternative to products made from fossil-based or other non-renewable materials.

Today our solutions are found in such segments as building, retail, food and beverages, manufacturing, publishing, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, confectionary, hygiene, and textiles. Tomorrow, we believe there is a potential to produce anything that’s made with fossil-based materials from a tree.

Materials and products sourced by Stora Enso include, for example, pulp and paper for recycling (PfR), chemicals, production machinery, energy, fuels, and spare parts, as well as maintenance, logistics, and IT services. We go through a thorough evaluation process for each supplier to understand our value chain, including carbon emissions generated by operations of each supplier. As supply chains are complex by nature, communicating and understanding the net effect of them is challenging. We want to summarize and visualize the net effects in a transparent and simplified way for our stakeholders on a platform which provides them with information and an interactive approach to sustainable sourcing decisions.

Opportunity Overview

Our vision at Stora Enso is to communicate complex supply chain sustainability topics, including carbon emissions, in a simplified yet informative and transparent way towards our customers.

Therefore, we are looking to partnering up with innovators and startup companies with either full solutions or technology components to realize our transparency vision. We are looking for solutions that help us visualize, assess and quantify the supply chain and its complexity for different product categories, including, for example, recycled pulp and paper, chemicals, and fillers. We also look for solutions that could include an interactive functionality for a stakeholder to zoom in into a particular category or connection to Stora Enso products.

We are ready to explore different kinds of approaches to improve our sourcing visibility, even very creative ones. Example solutions can include for example a visual categorization of different sourcing elements, with performance data and target values. However, the solution we are looking for could also map and visualize data points that might be missing in the value chain.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Supply Chain Visualization Solutions

Current supply chain transparency tools are making progress in assessing and communicating the different supply chain impacts but are not particularly good in visualizing the supply chain intuitively and interactively. Would your solution offer an elegant way to visualize the entire supply chain, including areas not currently known?

3rd Party Data Sources and Integrations

We are interested in platform-driven solutions with objective and measurable data in the center. As a first step, the required data could come from Stora Enso. However, the solution should preferably allow also third-party stakeholders to integrate into the platform. Would your solution offer data integration for third-party services and stakeholders?

Supply Chain Emission Impact Assessment Solutions

Identifying key risks and impacts, including carbon emissions, across the supply chain can be complicated and might require technical expertise. We are open to build up on our existing approach if there are great solutions proposed. As a first step, we are aiming to connect and visualize Stora Enso’s current value chain risk and emission knowledge. Would your solution contribute to solving this challenge?

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