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Enabling Smart Building Environments with KONE

Urban environments


Buildings are becoming more intelligent faster than ever. KONE is constantly looking to add new solutions to our customers buildings by connecting 3rd party solutions into our elevator API’s. Our partners connect their smart building solutions to our API to improve the urban flow of more than 1 billion people every day globally. We are looking for Chinese startups with solutions for infotainment systems in buildings, WeChat mini programs for residential engagement or new smart building interfaces based on voice or gesture control.

Theme Description

In our daily life, we most often see smart building services and solutions that improve people flow between and inside buildings. These can be visual infotainment systems for buildings, and mobile apps guiding our way through complex building environments.

We firmly believe that there are dozens of innovative solutions out there. So, we want to see what you have built and hear about it. Our team is interested in unlocking new experiences, mechanisms, and services using smart building information screens, building user engagement apps and new innovative interfaces for building users. To get you inspired, Amazon Alexa and the KONE Flow app can already remotely call elevators, for example.

We want to make your company’s solution an integral part of KONE People Flow, experienced by more than 1 billion people every day.

Opportunity Overview

We want to take the People Flow experience to the next level by efficiently integrating external solutions with KONE’s APIs. The API enables you to build new services for tenants and property management around the world and become a part of a broad installed base of over a million units.

There are no limits here – if you have a novel solution that makes our customers business more valuable and consumers’ lives easier and it can be scaled to a global installed base of elevators and escalators, by working together we can be a significant player in smart building environments. Examples of what we are looking for include passenger experience solutions that can take advantage of connected elevators and escalators, immersive and personalized passenger experiences inside elevators, and solutions for making people flow inside buildings more efficient. We are also open to hearing about other areas that we might overlooked regarding smart buildings. Read more about more exact solution examples below.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Smart Building Indoor Infotainment Solutions

We are looking for interfaces and software solutions for information and entertainment visualisation, indoor navigation solutions, and people counting tools to be integrated inside elevators, escalators, and our customers’ smart buildings. These could be connected to the KONE API’s as well. What do you have to offer in this space?

Smart Building Apps Integrated with KONE API

A variety of apps and WeChat mini programs can be integrated in the KONE API. These apps could add value to the smart building environment, by for example enabling smoother flow of people, package deliveries or residential community management within buildings. Do you have a solution that fits these ideas?

New Innovative Interfaces for Smart Buildings

As a part of smart building environments, elevators and escalators can be connected to the latest, most innovative new interfaces to create a great user experience. Examples of these interfaces are touch- interfaces, touchless interfaces, voice commands through a speaker and robot assistants. What new concepts are you developing in this field, that could be potentially connected to our API?

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