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Measuring Sustainable Behavioral Change with Husqvarna Group



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We have an ambition to inspire actions that makes a lasting difference. By 2025, our goal is to empower 5 million customers and colleagues to make sustainable choices. We are now searching for partners that can help us create a more sustainability-focused customer interaction.

Opportunity overview

Sustainability and managing climate change and challenges in biodiversity is one of the big themes of our time. Actions is required on a large scale by nations, corporations and cities to mitigate climate change and adopt to a new future. How about us individuals? What can we do? The impact of one individual is limited but if we all make more sustainable choices, the power of many will have a huge impact! We want to develop a service where individuals around the globe, can understand and adjust their everyday decisions into more sustainable choices.

Through the years we have realized many of our end users joins various networks to share tips and tricks related to our products. We also see clear indications that users would like to truly change their own behaviors in order to optimize sustainability benefits and mitigate environmental impacts.

We are looking to, likely in a digital format, create a tool for a more sustainability-focused user interaction where we can support our users' behaviors in optimizing sustainable gardening/forestry/light construction routines.

It could be anything related to sustainability; efficient use of resources such as energy, water, sharing solutions, recycling and repair or anything else that help people to make more sustainable choices in their life. The key is to inspire actions that makes a lasting difference!

Your opportunity with Husqvarna Group

We hope to partner up with startups and scaleups that like us see the clear business potential in solutions that will help people change their behavior to a more sustainable lifestyle.

We offer a possibility to work and utilize the industry know-how, networks and resources of an agile-minded 330-year-old company that have successfully managed many other bigger transformations and disruptions in the past centuries.

Together we will aim to co-develop new service(s) that provides financial as well as environmental value to the wide network of Husqvarna Group’s customers globally as well as shareholders and society.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Onboarding users

Guide user during first set-up of equipment and to introduce sustainable operation from first use.

Product usage optimization

Indicate sustainable use over time and provide tips and tricks about service periods, charging pattern, repairs etc.

Give the user and Husqvarna Group feedback on sustainable behavior by gamification/praise incentives.

Sharing economy

Explore incentives for User-To-User sharing among neighbors, friends, SMEs and other virtual communities.

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