Scania, a world-leading provider of sustainable transport solutions assembles battery packs in-house as a part of delivering its premium Battery Electric Vehicle products. Now, we are looking for non-intrusive and high-speed quality inspection solutions for laser welding within commercial vehicle battery systems. The solution would be primarily implemented in the production line.

Opportunity overview

Commercial vehicle battery systems contain a growing number of laser welds that are vital to the systems’ functionality. Assembling battery packs in-house requires a wide variety of welds. The welds have different performance needs, such as conductivity and structural properties. The quality of welds are vital to the function of the battery system, affecting the customer experience and the reliability of Scania BEV products, Therefore, robust quality assurance methods are critical to meeting Scania’s premium product standards. Currently, quality inspection of welding is a cumbersome process, as the battery system is taken out of the production line, cut apart, and inspected. The production line inspection is based on sampling. The combination of different welding needs and the high speed of the in-line laser welding process results in a need for more efficient quality control solutions.

Now, Scania wants to transition from traditional quality control means into non-intrusive and more scalable in-line inspection for battery systems. To reach this goal, we are seeking solution providers capable of inspecting different welds efficiently within a production environment. The envisioned solution should be able to characterize different structural and electrical properties of the weld, such as the overall quality of the weld, its minimum connection area and possible anomalies such as bubbles, cracks or holes. Overall, the preferred inspection solution should provide both speed and accuracy combined preferably with in-line, or alternatively after-production implementation. In addition, the solution should work in the vicinity of the cell and on welds that are either structural or electrically conducted.


Your opportunity with Scania

As Scania has a key strategic focus on vehicle electrification, a partnership gives your company an opportunity to contribute to driving the industry’s transformation towards BEV adoption and the scaling of in-house battery pack production. Scania as a Traton Group company has a long-standing experience creating reliable vehicle systems and can provide your company with relevant industry know-how. In the case of a successful pilot and a proven offering, the selected solution is likely to be nominated in the factory and implemented in production. Different long-term collaboration models can be discussed, all the way from technology licensing and suppliership to co-development.

Examples we're looking for

Structural and electrical weld characterization

The envisioned solution is able to characterize the laser welding from both structural and electrical connectivity perspective. Measures include the overall quality of the weld, the electrical connection of the weld including its minimum connection area, and anomalies such as bubbles, cracks, “burnthrough” or holes.

Non-intrusive inspection

The goal is to perform the quality inspections without cutting the laser welds of the battery cell modules. While contact and pressure is allowed with boundaries, the inspection solution should not affect the properties of the weld and the battery pack, including temperature changes or marks.


Due to the high speed of battery pack assembly, Scania seeks solutions that can provide swift inspections in production line. The solution should not have a significantly lower accuracy compared to today’s methods outside the production line. 

Scania is a world-leading provider of transport solutions with nearly 57,000 employees in more than 100 countries. Together with their partners and customers, they drive the shift towards a sustainable transport system.

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