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Scania, a world-leading provider of sustainable transport solutions, is now looking for solutions that enable simulated, safety-focused training for working with high-voltage batteries. If you work on solutions that enable scalable, adaptable, and easily repeatable virtual training, do not hesitate to reach out to us!

Opportunity overview

Today, Scania has a variety of different products with high safety standards which all require specific training. Each time a new high-voltage battery type is released to a Scania product, the corresponding workforce is trained with the right practice equipment. As new types of batteries are constantly developed and international standards demand specific training for each battery type and corresponding workflow, this means there is high demand for efficient training activities.

Currently, 2 participants can be trained at a time by 1 certified trainer. Each Scania geographical market has a responsible trainer. Certifying the trainers requires traveling costs and resourcing from the Scania head office, limiting the hands-on training times in the classroom environment. Scania is now looking for an easier way to convey and repeat the training for the workforce, without the need for international travel. Our vision is to have a virtual training platform that enables workflow simulation with unlimited training attempts in a safe virtual reality classroom.

Every time a new battery type is released, Scania would supply 3d drawings and instruction materials for the virtual training provider to create educational material for the new equipment and workflow. Afterward, each certified trainer would be able to further educate the designated workforce in the different markets in a scalable and repeatable way. In addition, prior to the workforce’s actual work procedures with the batteries, a just-in-time rehearsal of the workflow can be performed at a minimal cost.

The solutions Scania is looking for should preferably offer a seamless and inclusive user experience with high portability and a simple solution setup. Adjusting the training content should be convenient, including a certain level of solution configurability for the trainers. The platform should also be flexible for adding and updating new virtual products and workflows. While the solution should preferably be flexible for the used hardware, it should provide a high-enough resolution to enable certification of a range of skills. Finally, Scania is interested in interoperability with other enterprise systems as well as high-grade data security and technical support.

Your opportunity with Scania

Working with Scania provides an opportunity to partner up with an innovative global company on a mission to drive the shift towards a sustainable transport system, and benefit from Scania’s extensive industry know-how and large operational volumes.

Scania is looking for the capability to develop and adapt the solution to fit Scania’s requirements. The selected solution providers will get technical and financial support from Scania to develop concept prototypes for further evaluation. If a suitable solution is found, Scania is looking for collaboration and rollouts on a global level, including in total around 30 to 50 different markets where both trainers and the designated workforce are expected to be educated. Moreover, Scania is also interested in extending the virtual training solution to other product component categories. The most interesting business model for Scania would be to license the technology from the selected supplier.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in


We are looking for an easily portable and preferably wireless virtual training solution that can run on mobile devices, without requiring a complex solution setup. The solution could include, but may not be limited to, portable and commercial virtual or mixed reality headsets and proprietary workflow training software.


We seek an adaptable platform solution that would preferably be flexible to the type of hardware used. The solution should also enable convenient software and workflow updates while offering a certain level of configurability for the trainers, including e.g. an editor mode to make specific adjustments.


The solutions we are looking for preferably offer integration opportunities with Scania’s business process management systems such as Product Lifetime Management System (PLM), which store important up-to-date product information, such as 3d drawings and instruction materials. The desired automation through interoperability can be achieved e.g. with APIs or other methods.

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