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Workflow Digitalization and Automation with Autoliv

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Autoliv is the worldwide leader in automotive safety systems. With sales to all major car manufacturers, Autoliv employs more than 68,000 associates around the world and saves >30,000 lives a year. We are guided by our vision of Saving More Lives, underpinned by our commitment for innovation and agile organisation.

To accelerate our progress into a more digitalised, lean and agile organisation, we are reaching out to innovative technology companies that can help us achieve workflow digital transformation, end-to-end process mapping and organisational process automation. Do you have any good solutions for us?

Theme description

Staying close to its customers, Autoliv has a superior global presence and operations in 27 countries. Operating a global business is a complex task, but digitization and automation have potential to make our organisation more efficient and streamlined.

That is why we want to go towards Business 4.0, optimizing the digital advantages to maximise efficiency, streamline operations and create customer value.

As we engage with a large volume of suppliers, customers and other stakeholders in the automotive industry around the world on a daily basis, digitising workflow and automating processes can be an incredible value add. We are constantly looking for technology solutions to empower such transformation, from digitised documentation and system integration, to end-to-end digital process mapping and visualisation, to broader RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and usage of Chatbots / Userbots; we welcome submissions on any tech-enabled solutions that can empower our transition into a digital future of working.

Opportunity overview

As a multinational company, Autoliv has a complex network of processes regarding group operations and financial administration. We are on a continuous journey to digitalise and automate our internal processes, and would like to learn about innovative tools and solutions in the field.

Autoliv is looking for a range of innovative solutions to automate and digitize their internal processes. First, we would be interested in finding a scalable solution for digitizing paper documents. Second, we want to learn about solutions regarding mapping and visualizing different end-to-end cross-functional processes with deep finance involvement, like S2P (Source to Pay) / O2C (Order to Cash) / R2R (Record to Report), or automatise the end users’ workflows with Chatbots or Userbots. Third, we aim to build a system to support internal workflow development via enhancing the collection channeling of employees’ ideas across the organization.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Digitizing paper documents

In use cases like customs documents, invoices or purchase orders, Autoliv has to handle physical and scanned paper documents. In order to digitize our workflow, we are looking for ways to apply scalable OCR to efficiently transform these documents into a digital log and connect to existing ERP and RPA flows.

Financial process mapping

Autoliv manages a massive information flow of financial processes, regarding for example S2P (Source to Pay), O2C (Order to Cash), or R2R (Record to Report). We would be interested in finding new and innovative solutions to modeling and visualizing these kinds of processes, or to support the end users’ work with, for example chatbots or userbots.

Channeling of development ideas

In order to support our financial process workflow development, we are also interested in solutions that would enhance our organization’s internal idea generation and tracking. The ideal solution would empower the employees to make internal innovations, direct the ideas to relevant process owners and allow tracking of the development projects.

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