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Husqvarna Group is a leader in developing and manufacturing high-performance power tools for professional users in forestry, tree care, green space care, and construction. To accelerate the electrification of professional power tools, we are looking for battery cells with enhanced gravimetric energy densities, maintaining the robustness and power density equivalent to today’s current battery cells.

Opportunity overview

Husqvarna Group is actively working to accelerate the electrification of our professional power tools. To achieve this, we require battery cells with increased gravimetric energy densities that maintain the robustness and power density of current battery cells. The challenges we face include high mobility without charging opportunities during the workday, high-power tools leading to significant discharge currents per battery cell, and extended run times resulting in high energy consumption. Our commitment extends beyond delivering exceptional performance and ergonomics to driving towards a sustainable future. 

In the realm of robotic lawn mowers, batteries have a significant impact on area coverage and productivity. Improved battery cells will therefore help us drive the transition to productive and sustainable lawn mowing. As the pioneer and market leader in professional robotic lawn mowing, Husqvarna’s products support productive and sustainable lawn care. To further improve product properties, battery cells with increased volumetric energy density and prolonged cycle life are required.

We see electrification as the most crucial pathway to make our industry fossil-free. Regulations and customers are drivers, and new technologies are our enablers. Many applications do not face all of the challenges mentioned above simultaneously and will be successfully electrified in the coming years. If you decide to partner with us, we will evaluate your battery cell prototypes through our application-specific cell tests and provide feedback on the performance of your cells. As we accompany you on your successful industrialization journey, we will collaboratively identify applications and business cases where your cells can make a difference to our customers and drive the continued electrification of our products.

Examples we're looking for

Battery cells for power tools with

  • Gravimetric energy density above 400 Wh/kg
  • Cell size between 2 and 15 Ah
  • Preferably in cylindrical 21700 format but pouch format can also be relevant
  • Power density of at least 2500 W/kg 
  • Intermediate number of cycles

Battery cells for robotic lawn mowers with

  • Volumetric energy density above 800 Wh/l
  • Cell size between 2 and 15 Ah
  • Preferably in cylindrical 21700 format, but pouch format can also be relevant
  • Power density of at least 300 W/kg
  • High number of cycles
Husqvarna Group was founded in 1689 and is today a world-leading manufacturer of innovative products and solutions for forest, park, and garden management. The range includes robotic lawnmowers, chainsaws, trimmers, riding lawnmowers, and garden irrigation. Husqvarna Group is also a leader in equipment and diamond tools for the construction and stone industries. The Group's products and solutions are mainly sold under the global Husqvarna and Gardena brands via direct sales, dealers, and retailers to consumers and professional users in more than 100 countries.

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