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Data Gathering for Epiroc

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We are looking for solutions that enable seamless data flow from our machines without the need for fixed connectivity infrastructure. Your solution should be robust, intelligent, easy-to-setup and reliably transmit data between an underground mine, and ultimately, with the top-level world via mining machinery operating in mining sites.

Theme Description

Together with our partners and customers, we are co-developing a smart, safe, and seamless future for the mining and infrastructure industries.

Connectivity, digitalization, interoperability, automation, and zero-emission technology are key elements of a smarter and more sustainable tomorrow.

Reliable data transmission forms the backbone for intelligent mining solutions. The possibilities are immense, and the industry has only seen the tip of the iceberg. We are creating new digital business models together with our customers and Epiroc needs your technology and expertise to secure reliable data transmission from the underground machines and equipment to a global cloud.

If you work on in the area of connectivity in the harshest possible environments, let us hear from you!

Opportunity Overview

Mining machinery is drilling the mine further, while others are working towards moving the debris from the mine to top-level surface to be moved further onwards.

These equipment and vehicles are gathering data that is being analyzed by the equipment on the edge. In some instances, the gathered data needs to be transmitted onwards in the mine and all the way to top-level connections. A working analogy is thinking the mining machinery as working ants – the machines pass along the right data when they come in close contact with each other.

We are looking for solutions that enable a seamless, easy-to-setup, reliable, and efficient way to establish a network in mines. The aim is to have a 24/7 connectivity between the machinery, equipment, and outside world – preferably without setting up permanent connectivity infrastructure. If you can help us to achieve our vision, contact us!

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Seamless and Easy to Setup

We look to have solutions that require minimal setup from the user and do not rely on manual interaction for the data flow.

Harsh Locations

Solutions need to work in harsh locations (dirt, dust, humidity, vibrations, high temperatures). The network needs to work reliably and with high accuracy (24/7). The more distance we can allow between the machines and the more data we can transmit the better.

Data Security

The data that is gathered and transmitted is valuable both for Epiroc and our customers. Therefore data security is of the highest importance.

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