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Epiroc is constantly advancing its electric driveline technology for off-road vehicles used in demanding environments, such as rugged terrain and drilling operations. We now seek partners to collaborate on developing a cutting-edge control system for electric driveline integration in off-road vehicles. We are interested in solutions that enable robust cross-vendor interoperability, allowing components from various manufacturers to communicate and operate seamlessly together.

Opportunity overview

Unlike diesel drivelines, which benefit from integrated systems, electric drivelines encounter challenges in harmonizing components from various vendors. The lack of standardized communication protocols complicates the interoperability and performance of these electric systems. Epiroc is pursuing the development of control system software that will serve as the cornerstone for electric driveline integration within their off-road machinery. To date, Epiroc has managed integration efforts in-house, establishing themselves as one of the pioneers in their respective market for electric driveline technology.

Epiroc is now focused on developing a control system that acts as a ‘universal translator,’ allowing components from a wide range of manufacturers to communicate effectively and operate seamlessly together. This effort aims not only to make these electric driveline solutions reliable but also to simplify the service process for technicians. By enabling cross-vendor compatibility, service technicians could have one tool for code loading, parameter setting, and diagnostics. This initiative is intended to establish a new industry standard for electric driveline systems, promoting easier transitions to electrification in the off-road sector and enhancing the performance and reliability of these essential systems.

Examples we're looking for

Unified control architecture

An advanced control system that acts as the foundation of the electric driveline, facilitating communication and cooperative operation among diverse components from multiple vendors as a unified, cohesive unit.

Cross-vendor compatibility

A solution designed to be vendor-neutral, enabling the integration of best-in-class components from any manufacturer while ensuring the system’s integrity and performance remain uncompromised.

Epiroc is a global productivity partner for mining and construction customers and accelerates the transformation toward a sustainable society. With ground-breaking technology, Epiroc develops and provides innovative and safe equipment, such as drill rigs, rock excavation, and construction equipment and tools for surface and underground applications. The company also offers world-class service and other aftermarket support, as well as solutions for automation, digitalization, and electrification.

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