Desoutter – part of Atlas Copco Group – develops various industrial assembly tools, complemented by cutting-edge software solutions that enable precise control over industrial processes, along with the traceability and analysis of related data. Through this project, we are seeking novel solutions that can coordinate and enhance industrial quality control across all stages of quality operations. As a result, this could significantly enhance Desoutter’s offerings in industrial quality control by improving efficiency and introducing novel features.

Opportunity overview

The project’s goal is to optimize the daily activities of quality engineers by emphasizing efficient collaboration between various stages of quality operations. These stages include the inspection of incoming components, in-line quality control, final product control, and the maintenance and calibration of the inspection equipment. Currently, Desoutter has excellent assets for assembly and control, which are complemented by software solutions for in-line control and data analytics. However, there is a need for an orchestrated and comprehensive solution for the quality department that integrates all these focus areas into a unified system or platform. The desired solution should demonstrate expertise in operations of the quality department, offering specific products to digitize inspections and provide guidance for process optimization, thereby reducing quality defects and overall improving quality operations.

Your opportunity with Desoutter

As a global leader in the industrial assembly tool market part of the Atlas Copco Group, Desoutter is actively seeking intelligent and innovative quality control software solutions. With a long history of providing established industrial tools globally, this business opportunity presents significant potential for collaboration with a reliable development partner that has a strong market position and R&D team. We are particularly interested in finding co-development partners for our quality offerings that can provide white-labeled solutions to our customers in the aerospace, automotive, and general industries. The main focus is on solutions that span the entire quality operations, although solutions specifically targeting incoming inspection or equipment maintenance and calibration are also of interest.

Examples we're looking for

Quality suite

Assist in orchestrating and managing the entire quality control process, spanning from incoming inspection and in-line quality control to equipment maintenance. This includes, but is not limited to, analyzing each step of the quality control process in real time, identifying errors and sending immediate alerts, as well as creating a comprehensive digital twin of the inspected products.

Incoming inspection

Assist in managing the production station during the inspection of incoming goods and components. This includes, but is not limited to, providing clear operating instructions, establishing a control plan, and managing result storage, as well as optimizing dashboards for result analytics and integrating the findings with other steps of quality operations.

Maintenance and calibration

Assist in streamlining the routine tasks associated with the maintenance of production equipment, such as performing checks, calibration, and control. Establish regular schedules for activities like daily tool calibration. Optimize the controls in terms of scheduling and effort, and ensure results are monitored and alerts are issued when necessary.

Atlas Copco Group enables technology that transforms the future. They innovate to develop products, services, and solutions that are key to their customers’ success. Their four business areas offer compressed air and vacuum solutions, energy solutions, dewatering and industrial pumps, industrial power tools, and assembly and machine vision solutions.

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