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Husqvarna Group is a leading global producer of sustainable products and services for people who shape green spaces and urban environments around the world. On a daily basis we engage in digital touchpoints with thousands of our professional and consumer customers. We are now searching for new technologies and solutions that will take our customer interaction to the next level by enabling customer self-service and education. These customer interaction solutions can be based on smartphones, smart tags attached to our equipment, or other scalable technologies. What do you have to offer in this space?

Theme description

We sell our products through a network of 25 000 dealers and retailers in +100 countries world-wide. End-consumers are increasingly demanding a direct relationship with us and our brands.

As our high-quality products are used by professionals and consumers over many years, we have an established relationship to build on and develop. With 1 million connected users of our digital applications, Husqvarna Group is committed to remaining in the forefront of further enhancing the customer experience through digital services using connectivity and AI.

By combining a deep understanding of customer needs with cutting edge technologies and data, best-in class solutions and experiences are being created. Building on our existing digital capabilities, we are now looking for innovative digital solutions to create value adding selfservice interaction for our customers.

Opportunity overview

Taking into account the increasing digital customer base of Husqvarna Group, and the growing need for direct customer interaction, we are looking to connect with our customers and equipment users through new digital channels.

We are looking for new technology and solutions to deliver an engaging self service interaction with our customers to support and deliver value through the different phases of the customer journey.

With a successful interaction and experience we are to be able to help our customers make the right choices and to succeed with their aspirations and missions when it comes to, for example, home gardening and lawn care or any of our other business areas like the construction and stone industry.

We are looking for sustainable solutions that enable our customers to use our equipment to shape their green spaces in creative ways. The possible solutions could include, for example, customer education tools, expert knowledge sharing mediums or AR visualisation tools, but we are open to completely novel approaches as well. Ideally, the possible solutions could integrate with the Gardena myGarden app which is fully equipped to help users plan, document, realize and maintain their garden projects.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Customer education, knowledge sharing and training

To support our customer interaction, we are interested in digital interaction solutions that could mediate flow of expert knowledge and advice to help customers succeed with their aspirations.

With this in mind, the solutions could ideally also facilitate customers helping and inspiring other customers to build a strong community. Let us know of your solution in this space.

Garden creativity enablers

We are searching for creative digital solutions that could provide inspiration, knowledge and ability to express ideas and aspirations with garden projects in all phases – from design, re-design, planning, planting, maintenance and outcome. In practise, this could mean solutions described in focus areas 2 and 3, but we are keen on hearing alternative approaches to achieve this.

Augmented Reality visualization solutions

Our 1+ millon connected users all have a smartphone, which can act as a platform for expressing and visualizing information using Augmented Reality (AR). For example, our customers could find value in visualizing future plans and additions to green spaces with AR applications enabled by smart devices. We are interested in hearing about your solution.

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