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AstraZeneca, a leading pharmaceutical company, is seeking innovative approaches to significantly reduce waste from the production of its oral small-molecule pharmaceuticals. The objective is to decrease waste generation by up to 90%, focusing on strategies that minimize initial waste output, enable the reuse of existing waste materials, or innovate in the development of new uses for waste byproducts.

Opportunity overview

The waste associated with the production of oral small-molecule pharmaceuticals, which includes materials such as cardboard, coating residues, combustible waste, and contaminated water, is generated at scale in association with pharmaceutical production at large manufacturing plants. Currently, waste management relies heavily on incineration. To move beyond the current incineration-based waste management, we are seeking technology partners to help minimize waste output or transform it into valuable resources, thereby supporting AstraZeneca’s commitment to responsible waste management.

A key component of the overall challenge would be finding solutions for removing trace amounts of contaminating small molecule active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) from large volumes (cubic meter scale) of water.

Examples we're looking for


Efficient removal of contaminating trace amounts of API from cubic meter scale volumes of water.

Novel production

Optimization of current production and/or waste management to minimize waste outputs.


Finding a second life to the waste through valorizing the waste to something that can be reused, transformed or resold.

AstraZeneca is a global, science-led biopharmaceutical business whose innovative medicines are used by millions of patients worldwide.

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