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About LOTS Group

LOTS Group provides industry leading transport services by blending the latest technologies with the Lean-Production System pioneered at Scania. We are paving the way to autonomous solutions by digitalizing our global heavy-industry transport operations.
Our focus for the case is optimizing the dispatch management of our connected vehicles. If your team can help us balance our customers’ demand with our supply capabilities, maximizing vehicle utilization while minimizing transport cycle-times, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Opportunity overview

Today, the dispatching of our trucks is done manually by our control tower operators. In today’s manual process, we are not able to take advantage of all available data and parameters, for example when we need to decide which loading location the next available truck should go.

Thanks to our connected vehicles and other complimentary equipment, we have several real-time data sources waiting to be put into use for analysis and optimization. The parameters include but are not limited to vehicle positions, production rate in factories, and loading times.

More automated, optimized and real-time decision support for the dispatching process would allow us to pave the way toward future transport technologies. We operate in diverse on- and off-road environments like mining, forestry, and agriculture, which all come with their own requirements on dispatch optimization. With optimized and tailored dispatching, we could minimize the cycle times in the transportation flow and maximize fleet utilization. This would have significant environmental and financial benefits. To achieve this, we want to work with the best available talent and technology to develop the next generation of transport flow balancer. If you share our optimism for sustainable, efficient and future-proof transport, be sure to get in touch with us!

Modularity in mind

To get the full benefits of your solution, we prefer if the solution can be built in away that allows for integration into LOTS Transport Management System in the long term.

Key functionalities

  • Real-time optimization of dispatching process
  • Decision support for transport control tower operators
  • Flexibility and modularity

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Connected vehicles and transport flow equipment

We operate with the latest technology, both in terms of software and hardware. Therefore, we can offer real-time parameters for your optimization engine. The parameters include positions of loaders and vehicles, status and capacity of vehicles, average speed of road segments, unloading capacity of factories, distance between the different locations, and the time spent for loading and unloading. We can also provide secondary parameters like average times for other process steps and driver shift times and breaks.

Flexible optimization schemes

We operate in heavy industries and environments like surface mining, forestry and agriculture. Thus, the optimization engine should be flexible and robust so it can be applied to different kind of use cases. The use cases can include for example optimizing between primary and secondary material flows and delivering or picking up a certain mass, volume or number of items in a given timeframe. Usually in our operating environments, route optimization is not the main key for optimization. For example, there can be only one route in use and the routes can have traffic restrictions. Instead, the goal is to balance the transport flow between the different loading and unloading locations.

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