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Husqvarna Group is a leading global producer of sustainable products and services for people who shape green spaces and urban environments around the world. In the future we imagine us to also offer related services, many times delivered through a network of contributing partners. Delivering modular advanced services with a distributed approach at scale is a complex set up. To make it work we need the right enabling tools and platforms that allow us to be in control and manage all aspects without adding administration. We are especially looking for solutions to enable last-mile service delivery, smart contracts, and service order management. We would like to hear from your offering in these areas!

Theme description

Husqvarna Group has designed, produced and sold products for over three centuries in more than +100 countries. Global mega trends drive us towards usership rather than ownership.

In addition, connectivity and AI enable new data driven opportunities. As a result, this new landscape holds potential to add new value for our customers. To capture this opportunity we need to adapt by adding new service offerings.

We are proud to be leaders in sustainable, user-centered solutions. Through our products and services, we partner to shape the green spaces and urban environments of today and of tomorrow. Services and solutions provide new opportunities for Husqvarna Group to drive growth. They are also a logical consequence of our strategy to create an outstanding customer experience throughout a product’s lifecycle. By expanding our offering with business models in services and solutions, we aim to move closer to end-users and their experiences.

To support our strategy, we are now looking for sustainable solutions that allows us to interact with the customers and partners in an efficient, automated, and transparent way.

Opportunity overview

We are about to build and enable a network of service providers to deliver new services for our customers in relevant markets but with Husqvarna Group as the prime contractor holding the customer connection.

We’re looking for solutions that allows us to interact with the customers and partners in an efficient and automated way. In addition, we want to find solutions that provide transparency and control in every step of the process without adding costly and time consuming administration. In this context we define Administration as non value adding tasks such as; follow ups, planning, notifications, billing, transactions and remuneration to partners.

We are looking for innovative partners with solutions for our need, including solutions for last-mile service delivery, smart service contracts as well as service order management. Please find a more thorough elaboration on these areas below, but don’t hesitate to approach us with an alternative solution offering that fits the same opportunity scope.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Last-mile service delivery

We are looking to hear from solution providers who can enable building and maintaining a network of partners for last-mile service delivery for our customers. In addition, we are exploring solutions for sharing- and following up on tasks in gig economy platforms, or similar approaches to managing a group of 3rd party partners. What do you have to offer for this need?

Smart contracts

We have identified potential in having self-executing contracts as a part of our service blueprint. These smart contracts could be enabled by for instance blockchain technologies, shared smart ledgers, or other similar technologies for automated, secure contracts. We would be eager to hear about your solution on this space.

Service order management

Service order management systems help us to understand what to do, who should do it and when in our service operations. We are looking for an innovative solution in this field, which could ideally enable proactive and timely communication to all parties involved, following up on jobs to be executed and make sure all parties involved are satisfied with the outcome. Let us know of your solution.

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