Past Opportunities 27.05.2020

Working on Data Gathering Solutions? These 3 Technologies We’re Most Interested In

Epiroc’s Data Gathering Venture Client Opportunity is open to many solutions. To give a kick-start to your potential submission, here are 3 data gathering solutions that will grab our attention!

Mesh Networking

An emerging technology, mesh networking is being explored plenty in the mining industry. Establishing a network on this principle enables mining equipment to communicate seamlessly and transfer needed information efficiently to Epiroc’s clients. Do you have something that could work for data gathering under challenging circumstances, such as an underground mine? We’re eager to learn more. Related to this, Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) solutions are also of interest!

Wireless Technology

Instead of pulling wires into mines, Epiroc customers can do their job best when their equipment can communicate wirelessly. Some infrastructure is always needed, but many advances in efficiency can be gained by introducing wireless solutions that have not been tried before. More specifically, we are looking for solutions that help with equipment connectivity, are usable with potential mesh networking solutions, and help to track and to trace within a mine. 

Live Monitoring

Connected heavily to wireless tech and edge computing, it is important to know exactly what is going on in a mine and where to ensure safety and efficiency. Systems like these would allow Epiroc clients to focus on what is important with reliable systems taking care of smooth operations. Creative ideas for live monitoring environments and equipment are welcome!